Saturday, October 15, 2011

Introduction :)

Hi everyone, I'm Jeannette and I have self titled myself,  "Country Mama On A Mission". On a mission to do what, you say? To simplify life. 

This has been on heck of a year for my family of seven and me. We have completely gutted a 2200 square foot home, undertaken a complete renovation of said house (with no loans I might add), started an alpaca farm (check us out at Gratz Alpaca Company), and moved from the city into the country. I get a mixed range of responses when people hear about this--some think I have totally lost it, and it's quite possible that I have. Others think it sounds fun and exciting. I, for one, go from one extreme to the next. Some days I am totally ok with it, and actually excited about it, other days, I am thinking, "WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?" 

So, what is this blog going to be about? A little bit of everything, but mostly about bringing our modern family from being totally dependent on global marketing, back to the days when people actually did things themselves. Back to the days when bread was made daily, food was cooked from scratch, and life didn't consist of running here there and everywhere and never being able to catch up. Back to a time when playing outside wasn't boring, quality time with family and friends was important, and people knew the value of actual conversation over a cup of coffee or hot tea. 

Hope you can join us on our adventure! :)

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